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How big are your lots?

Depending on the community and location, many varieties to choose from.


How long have you been in Business?

Our company was started in 1998 and changed direction and name to Summertree homes in 2006 with more of our family involved. We all decided to bring Homes by Kim Brooks back, with such an amazing reputation and the same quality of homes it just made sense.  It is the same President, Kim Brooks, who has been building homes since 1980's and has a passion to build homes and continually helps people create their dream homes.


What if I have to sell my home first?

We have a reputable realtor to help list your home to help make the process of buying a home more enjoyable. 

Can you build one of your houses on my lot?

Yes. We would be happy to build one of our floor plans on your lot that you own. Please contact Lindsey Friesen 505385-6701 for further details.

Can I purchase the Lot only?

Yes. We have many different sized lots in many subdivisions around the city. Prices differ from subdivision to subdivision. Please contact Lindsey Friesen with more details 505-385-6701.

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